PR Newsletter July 2022

PR Newsletter July 2022

Hello Rotarians, Our Extended Families, Well-Wishers & Friends of Rotary…

The Rotary Year has come to a close and every time we have an achievement – there’s always this feeling of nostalgia that runs into the mind.

Just reflect on this:

  • What is the feeling when a runner has achieved the milestone?
  • What is the feeling of a student when the results are beyond expectation?
  • What is the feeling of a family that plans for a good holiday vacation and things pan out in a manner much beyond their expectation?

Well, our Rotary year was nothing less than a truly remarkable one.

President Sudhir Mehta went all out to do all that came his way and why not – he had a capable team of people including Club Secretary Hema Subramanian, a veteran having played this role several times), Club Treasurer – Padma Kapoor who was visible in several projects and many a time accompanied by her granddaughter Vidusha.

In addition to this, the entire team of Rodeos – a combo of both board and non-board members who just did nothing but their best.

Rtn Vivek Khandelwal | Director PR 2022-23 | RC Deonar

The year gave us much joy and I am sure our newsletters have been giving you enough and more to not just feel proud of what you are doing but also how others are supporting us in the quest to impact the community in bigger and bolder ways.

Here’s what our club has been able to achieve in the closing month of the year

Let me walk you through this exciting journey and start with some amazing feedback for our Newsletter 👇🏻

Feedback from our Club Members

Vivek and team – you guys are simply awesome. It’s amazing how you capture each moment. Brilliantly put together each piece. 👏🏻👏🏻

Rtn Shivani Bansal

Absolutely awesome – perfect concoction of all the elements that make it so interesting, enticing & engaging to read. 💖

Pres Sudhir, Vivek, Tush & team  🏼👏🏼👏🏼❣️

Rtn Shobhana Suresh Iyer

Superbly compiled and presented Newsletter Vivek. Awesome how you keep up the high standards in every issue.

Rtn Goutam Bhattacharya

Raju and I were in the USA & Australia for the most part of April and May. But after reading the last 2 Newsletters, we felt like we were almost present for all the Club projects. The exhaustive reporting, videos and pictures are so true to life. Thanks Vivek and team for the efforts.

Rtn Vidhya Subramanian

Vivek, Tushar and Team PR.

Take a bow 🙇‍♀️. What detailing of our clubs projects and activities. So very well covered. Really appreciate the work you guys do to bring out this super fabulous Bulletin.

God bless you all. Never seen such a super fabulous coverage in all these years. Great work. Keep it up guys. God bless

Rtn Hema Subramanian

Fantastic Vivek & PR team of high level of compilation and presentation. It shows the vibrancy of our club & enthusiasm of Rodeos explicitly 👏👏👍👍

Rtn Sudhir Mehta

Vivek, yet another master piece. Excellent layout and contents showcasing the fabulous work of the Rodeos of RCD…motivating and interesting. Well done PR team

Rtn AV Suresh

To the PR Desk,

Very well done. Good visibility. Keep it up.

Rtn Jhankar Gadkari

Wow Vivek!

Fabulous and engaging! Thanks! So looking forward to the next one!

Rtn Rohini Ravindran

Dear Vivek

What a compilation….. month after month… I really do not know how to praise you… Bus itna hi ki Tussi Great Ho …. Bless you dear

I really do feel proud to be a Rodeo!

Rtn Padma Kapoor

Vivek and Tushar .. this is EPIC…Once again you have outdone yourselves. Every moment of our clubs involvement with the community has been So well captured.

I can’t imagine what the annual report and summary of the Dream year would be like ..Well done sirs

Rtn Ravishekhar

PM Shri Narendra Modi speaks for Rotary

The inaugural session at Rotary International Convention 2022 in Houston started with a message from none other than our own Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji addressing the Rotarians across the World.

RI President Shekhar Mehta said

As I always say “Service Above Self” is one of the important Rotary’s principles which Modiji also quoted in Sanskrit “ परोपकाराय सतां विभूतयः “ means “Great souls work and live only for the welfare of others”

Proud moment for all Rotarians across the world to listen to the inaugural address by the no. 1 leader of the world. All our actions must be in doing good in the world. He also brought the message of the importance of Yoga and encouraged everyone to participate in the initiative on 21st June ‘22.

Check the message that came in from President Shekhar Mehta on this:

शुक्रिया | Shukriya | Thank You by President Sudhir Mehta

This was a gala evening of joy, happiness and celebrations of success. A program well compered by President Nominee Sangeeta Shahani – it saw President Sudhir in his finest terms wherein he was all out to give credit for all the work done in the year to Rodeos. There was indeed a huge amount of appreciation by members of the club to President Sudhir and his core team who truly made this happen.

Experience sharing was done by Inner Wheel Members and our Partners from the RCC, Rotaractors. This followed a series of recognition that was done by President Sudhir ably supported by Secretary Hema and Treasurer Padma.

It reminds me of what American Philosopher William James has aptly said

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated

Fun Fact: Rtn Jhankar expressed his wish for Paani Puri and here we had Sangeeta Shahani who left no stone unturned to make it happen.

Here are some of the many images that were under circulation

I also covered this showcasing about RC Deonar and its activities. Check the same on LinkedIn:

RC Deonar gets SUPER GOLD recognition at the District Shukriya

The District Shukriya announced a Super Gold recognition for RC Deonar. It is indeed a matter of pride to have received this recognition in addition to several other awards that we were recognized for.

As the saying goes – A picture speaks a thousand words.

Our WhatsApp went abuzz with the addition of ‘Gold’ ahead of our President Sudhir Mehta’s name 😉

Rotaract Shukriya

On the day of the club installation, President Sudhir also attended the Rotaract Shukriya with other Rodeos – Director Youth – Rtn Herzel Isaac with Incoming Director Youth – Rtn Sangeeta Shahani

Plaques were given to both our President and Secretary.

Rodeos gets recognised at Rimjhim – A District Initiative

Our projects under Women Empowerment have created waves. This was an outcome of the efforts that were put towards Project RED.

President Sudhir, PP Padma Kapoor and Director Medical Rajashri Mokashi received the same on behalf of the club.

2nd Global Grant is Approved

In the previous month, the progress on Global Grant was shared. This month came with the mega news of its approval.

The 2nd Global Grant of Rotary Deonar to support up to 19 Paediatric Heart Surgeries at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital was approved.  The overall grant size is USD 46,000

Director Medical – Rtn Rajashri led it from the front with support from President Sudhir Mehta, PP Padma Kapoor and many others.

At the request of Padma, Rodeos supported the donation for this global grant on TLH (Touching Little Hearts) Pediatric Heart surgery Global Grant. She also coordinated with the International club on the partnership front in addition to connecting with Savex for their support.

Sudhir appreciated the efforts of both Padma and Rajashri in showcasing their persistence and passion to help the community and save the life of a child.

He also acknowledged the efforts of PP Prabodh & Rtn Jaisal for all the assistance in resolving the queries from the Regional Grants Officer Laura Bradley.

This is what Rtn Jaisal Jetsey who was actively involved in the 1st Global Grant had to say:

Heartiest congratulations Rajashri, Sudhir and team. There is no better satisfaction than saving a life and too of a child. Brilliant.

Inauguration of Medical Equipment – High Ultrasound Sonography Machine with other equipment

This was a special event since it saw the launch and Inauguration of Medical Equipments. This was possible only due to a Rs 50 lacs that came in as a CSR Grant for Punjab Kesari Charitable Hospital, Vashi.

DG Rajendra Agarwal and CSR Donor – Rtn Lalit Chadha – Chairman & MD VAL Organics graced the occasion in the presence of President Sudhir Mehta, Director – Medical – Rtn Rajashri Mokashi, President-Elect – Vidhya Subramanian and many other senior Rotarians.

Inauguration of 3rd Rotary Urban Forest

Rotary Club of Deonar inaugurated its 3rd Rotary Urban Forest- a Miyawaki plantation of 500 saplings of 27 native varieties. The whole plantation area is protected by a fence and equipped with a drip irrigation system to ensure minimum manpower for maintenance.

This was done at Sanjay Nagar School, Shivaji Nagar, Govandi West, Mumbai

Rtn Rohan jointly with Rtn Shivani Bansal and President Sudhir Mehta were instrumental in rolling out this initiative in the current Rotary Year.

Rtn Shivani aptly passed the credit also to PP Prabodh Sharma for his contribution – we all know that he is a silent and dedicated worker.

Blood Donation Camp @ Ghatkopar Station

14th June is celebrated as World Blood Donors Day because it is the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the ABO blood group system.

The blood collection drive took place at the Ghatkopar Railway Station.

RC Deonar participated in this as a Co-host. IPP Prabodh Sharma was in action to support the event by his active presence at the event. The total collection stood at 121 units.

Appeal by Rtn Dr Sunil Keswani

In a recently organized webinar by RC Nagpur Green City, there were several speakers including Dr Sunil Keswani himself who spoke about Skin Donation.

He urged everyone including Rodeos to explore more such opportunities via the virtual platform since through such an awareness – even if we get 1-2 donations of organs /tissues – the impact could be saving 1 or 2 lives.

Director Medical – Rtn Rajashri in action

Director Medical – Rajashri visited Urban Health Center with Polio drive volunteers, supported the volunteers’ breakfast, and arranged an autorickshaw with a sound system for awareness creation.

Feedback from Shatabdi Hospital

This came in response to our donation to the hospital in the earlier months.

The Department of Pediatrics and Department of ENT (Shatabdi, Govandi) are happy to announce we have started Newborn screening for deafness, through OAE.

We would like to thank the Rotary club of Deonar for organizing sponsorship for the OAE device.

We would request one and all to kindly avail of this facility, free of cost at Shatabdi Hospital, Govandi.

Pink Angels file for Auto Loan

Our Pink angels were seen filling the formalities of Mudra loan for the purchase of their autorickshaw at the SBI office. They got great support through SBI AGM – Ramesh Chandra Sahu, alongwith his staff.

Our 5 Pink Angels:

  • Savita Chindarkar
  • Chandrakala Nagtilak
  • Sharada Kedare
  • Monika D’Souza
  • Sunita Bhosle

This is what Nalini Kannan had to say about the efforts of Alka Murli:

Today I am with Alka Murali from 11.00 am till now and I really appreciate and vouch her dedication towards this project Pink Auto. She is dedicatedly working to get all the paper work done on time for the Mudra loan from SBI to get sanctioned. 

Our Angels got their sanction letter from the District Collector Rajeev Nivatkar himself, along with the GM, SBI Rajeev Kumar in the grand function AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV organised by the Finance Ministry of the Govt of India.

Give a hearty appreciation to our Alka for making it happen…for the first time in District 3141. Pink Auto project

This is what Alka Murli had to say about the efforts of Nalini Kannan:

If it was not for Nalini, I wouldn’t have been able to go through the day breezily.🌺🌺. Nalini adds that zing to every situation.

Today, she gave me great company, encouraged me to talk on the mic, charged those 5 angels constantly, went up to the SBI DGM & other dignitaries…. Truly a good friend & proud Rodeo.🧡💖❤️

Thank you dear Rodeos for your support & adulation for Pink Auto project. I may be most visible but there are many of you who have contributed to build it up to this level. And the list is long… to enumerate some other time. The project is not yet over but the culmination is in sight soon.

Rtn Alka Murli

Take a bow Alka. A fulfilling exercise for you. Admire your dedication

President Nominee Sangeeta Shahani

Many hands from various Rodeos including Sangeeta, Padma, and President Sudhir were involved in making this happen.

RCC – An ongoing story

Rtn Kannan has always led the entire RCC project from the front. Our great donor member – Rtn Sanjay Mehta was generous enough to sponsor computers through his company – Mirum

This project has benefitted hundreds of students under our e-education support initiative for schools and children of RCC villages.

Overall, our club also executed Shudh Jal, Distributed 100 Project RED kits, Donation of computers and printers to 7 schools, and books to 3 schools.

This event also got coverage in the local media:

गौरकामत शाळेतील पाणी योजनेचे लोकार्पण; कर्जत ग्रामीण ‘रोटरी’चा उपक्रम

There is yet another interesting news and that is the entry of President Sudhir Mehta and Arjun Tare into the RCC team of the Alpha RY Year 2022-23.

Here’s an inspiring update by Rtn Sanjay Mehta after his visit to the RCC:

A visit to the Swami Vivekanand Madhyamik Vidyalaya at Jambhiwali, Karjat, Dist. Raigad

Sitting in the comfort of our city homes, getting worked up about our first-world problems (slow WiFi, delayed Swiggy delivery, air conditioner not cooling so well, etc.), we generally have no clue as to how privileged we are compared to our fellow citizens, living perhaps, no more than 60-70 km away.

That understanding can hit you only when you actually make a trip and spend some time with them, listening to their stories.

Just to give you an example of what I heard and saw yesterday, when I made the trip to a secondary school in a small village, near Karjat, just about 75 km from home:

  • that this school was authorized a couple of decades back, but nothing else moved. Just a building, and nothing else.
  • took a lot of effort over many years of applications and follow-ups, to get assigned basic infra to move forward, including teachers etc
  • and yet, there was no electricity. Took so many years, so many applications, and so much follow-up, to get electricity for the school
  • today also, it remains very difficult to get teachers to go there and teach
  • young boys and girls to walk anywhere from 1-4 km one way to get to the school
  • and this was still a relatively “better” school for that region. There are tribal areas a little deeper, where also schools are present, but in much worse conditions

With all such unbelievable constraints in life (compared to our city life where we take all of these things for granted, and the only worry we have is that the pizza we ordered from Swiggy should not go cold by the time we get it!), there is a positivity that is fabulous.

There is a focus on the silver lining rather than just the dark clouds.

To give you examples:

  • teachers are supremely dedicated to keeping doing their best. They work at meagre salaries, which do not come on time, and yet they do their best for the children
  • the kids are also so keen on education. They aspire to be educated, learn new things, grow,
  • with all the limitations that they have, they have produced class X results with students getting 80-90% marks and moving forward in life
  • recently, one of the children from this area made it through the UPSC exams,
  • teachers from these schools have received State level and National level awards for teaching
  • many of the teachers today had been students here and had studied when things were so much worse, but they are keen to make change happen, and are putting their dedicated efforts in that direction

So, while the situation is undoubtedly tough, the community refuses to give up and keeps pushing and fighting on.

And this is where they get support from various people and organisations, one of which is the Rotary movement, in this case, specifically, my Rotary Club, viz the Rotary Club of Deonar.

Our club has been associated with that entire region now for more than 25 years. There is an extension of Rotary called the Rotary Community Corps (RCC), where we have people from these rural areas also coming together to help us identify areas for support, coordinate the efforts, and ensure that we are creating the right impact etc.

Our Club runs 5 such RCCs in that area, giving us ample scope for contributing to making a difference.

Yesterday, for example, we visited there, to hand over computers and printers for 7 schools in the area, to hand over a water filtration plant enabling clean pure water for the kids in this school, to contribute books for the school library, and also handing over about 100 sanitary kits, to young girls of the school, to ensure health hygiene for these girls.

Such and many other ongoing projects keep happening.

I was fortunate to make the trip along with my wife and a few others Rotarians from our club, and it was good to see the ground reality personally.

The very warm and heartfelt gratitude that many teachers expressed, was moving, to say the least. These are teachers, they are working hard, and they deserve all the respect that teachers anywhere deserve, and yet they were the ones who were feeling so obligated and grateful to us, for our support to them.

That being the case, it was a Sunday well-spent, and giving a lot of food for thought around how we can help these communities more!

I am aware that such communities exist all across India and everyone can do their bit in any part of the country and that so much needs to be done, anyway.

That said, here is an existing community that I know of and that our Rotary Club has been serving for more than 25 years now.

As I share this on my social media, I know that I have many of your friends and family, who have the means and the intent to support such causes.

If any of you are interested to associate, you are more than welcome. Do reach out to me on DM, and we can speak about how you can help.

I also invite you to join me and our club members when we visit there the next time. It is always a moving experience, reminding us of our privileged existence.

Also, there is an immediate requirement that I want to mention. While we were there at the school for about 2-3 hours, for the entire duration, there was no electricity! And this power breakdown is a regular affair in such regions. What good will be the computers etc if there is no electricity?!!

Here is where a solar power setup for the school could work well. It can suddenly make the school independent of the vagaries of electricity supply, and provide uninterrupted education for the kids. This solar set-up would cost around INR 5 lakh (approx USD 6500). In case any of you would like to sponsor or contribute to this, it would be a good start to your association for this cause, and provide ample value to the 180 students who study at this secondary school.

Shelu Naresh Rtn Kannan also shared this interesting audio which showcases how young girls sang to kickstart and welcome one and all.

RCC saw further action with Project RED and Classroom benches

Picked up from Rtn Sanjay Mehta’s post. Check this out here:

Looking at the image of Rtn Kannan – one can understand how the child in him is always alive. One can draw so much inspiration from Shelu Naresh’s last project of the current RY.

Rtn Padma Kapoor shared this image which speaks about our routine protocol to sit at Thakare’s and enjoy the combo of Vada Pav with Chai.

Distribution of Hygiene Kits

Hygiene kits under Project RED were distributed in the schools of the Karjat tribal area. The girls were feeling extremely humble with our support and encouragement to them in their overall development.

Classroom benches gifted to Adivasi School

Check this image of Neral Vidhya Vikas School – What an amazing view to see

RC Deonar gifted the school with classroom benches for Adivasi children of Jhambulwadi village closer to the hillside. Benches procurement was coordinated by Rtn Jaydeep.

This is what Rtn Sudhir Mehta had to say after the event:

Humble experience on the closure of our Dream Year. Hope in eyes of children and a determination to succeed against all odds. We as Rodeos will always support

Here’s what the School Teacher shared with Shelu Naresh – Rtn Kannan

Respected Kanna sir….

On behalf of Zp school Anandwadi, I would like to thank you and Rotary Club of Deonar Mumbai for donating our school 10 benches.

We are extremely thankful for your support which will be helpful in children’s learning.

We ensure you that we will continuously work hard for providing these underprivileged kids a quality education.

Thank you again for your support and kindness.


Bhushan Patil sir

Raigad Zilla Parishad School Anandwadi

Rtn Nandu took a break

Nandu – सबका बंधु was operated on for treatment. Our members swung in action to wish him a speedy recovery. He is in the usual mode now

MSCIT batch delivers amazing results

Rtn Alka shared an update of the 2nd batch of Class 10 Students (SSC pass) who had undergone MS-CIT Training. They had their online exam today and the results came out very well.

Rtn Shivani Bansal’s comment here was worth noting:

Congratulations Alka. You are unstoppable. 👏🏻👏🏻

Notebook distribution  – A continued project year-on-year

Rtn Padma Kapoor shared the images of the notebook distribution done through the donations received through support from Rtn Suneet Gupta.

SSC Results for our Happy School

Rtn Vishnu Kamat updated the great news of SSC results at 96.70% for our Happy School – Subhash Chandra School at Mankhurd.

He expressed his happiness with 2 students getting 91.20 %

Support of Dog and Cat Food

PP Padma Kapoor’s passion for cat and dog food saw the distribution of the same at 3 different locations in the month.

She also acknowledged the efforts and support of a good friend and District Leader – Rtn Deepak Jiandani.

It goes without saying that President Sudhir Mehta connects with such projects equally well.

Dog and Cat Food donated to IDA

The 1st batch was given to IDA – The Stray Animal Welfare Centre at Deonar

Handover of Dog and Cat Food to our Blue Ribbon Awardee

Those who were part of the Blue Ribbon Awards held a few months ago will recollect how one of our awardees – Ms Bimlesh Navani is doing incredible work in this space.

Our Rodeos are seen extending support to her as well.

She feeds stray cats and dogs every single day.

Distribution of Cats & Dogs Food at – Probably Paradise Animal Shelter Karjat

Interesting Fact: I asked Rtn Padma Kapoor if it is really Probably and her answer was:

Probably a paradise for the abandoned, sick, stray animals

Project Barsaat

Rtn Rohan D’Souza came back with a bang to the same school where we had earlier given Tabs under our Prayaas initiative.

This time with the rainy season – it was all about the distribution of RC Deonar branded umbrellas and kids’ clothes to secondary school children of Subhaschandra Bose Vidyalaya at Maharashtra Nagar in the Mankhurd area of Mumbai.

This has benefitted over 200 students.

Watch out for this space – more to happen in Alpha Year.


It was a privilege and an honour to have the 2nd publication in the esteemed Rotary Voices. If you haven’t read it so far, do give it a read and remember to vote, like and comment as well

On Rotary Voices Website – Click here

On LinkedIn – Click here

Awesome Vivek. You are going places. Building the brand RCD. Keep shining. Keep going

Rtn A V Suresh

Congratulations Vivek!! Well done

Rtn Manju

Incredible Vivek 🙏🏼

Rtn Jhankar Gadkari:

Thoughts from members on how the year went by

From the desk of PP Rtn Dr. Usha Desai (President in RY 2006-07)

IPP Rtn Sudhir Mehta, President Rotary Year 2021-2022 – As I see him

Sudhir Mehta who joined Rotary in the year 2015 under the Vocation of Mechanical  Engineering is an expert when it comes to Water.

Tall and well built, a quiet unassuming person that he is in addition to being a man of few words. It took me a long time to get to know him. My first interaction in Rotary with him was during the time Rtn Padma Kapoor was President at the BOD meetings and it was here I got to know his expertise in Water Management.

But can you get to know a fellow Rotarian just by attending meetings? It can never be a complete introduction to any person.

I still remember the day, Ganesh Chaturthi, probably 2016, when I visited his home.  Sudhir was not at home. I met his family, warm and affectionate – his mother, his sister and his son Rohan.  His daughter Rachana was then in Pune completing her medical education and Rohan had just got admission to a medical college in Mumbai.

Naturally, there was much to talk about. This was Sudhir’s family and I could see what a close-knit family they were and how they all loved him. Sudhir’s nephew, a very communicative and talented child kept the house alive.  I was touched by the simplicity of the house and the hospitality that I received made me realise the person Sudhir is and will always be.

As at home, so also in Rotary …as soon as he joined, he used his vocation to improve the lives of the community. Together with PP AV Suresh – he worked on the process of clean water and water management in schools, in communities and later in the RCC as well.

When he became President I saw a totally different Sudhir in every Avenue of Service, whether it was Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, or Young Generation. He was here, there and everywhere. I remember him attending Project Red with Rajashri as Director – Medical. I remember him at the distribution of tablets to the school children of our Happy School  – Subhash Chandra School with Rohan as its Director. I have seen him with Alka at her projects. He would be present from the beginning to the end till all the work was done. I have seen him with Rotaract President Vasantharaj, sharing equal responsibility. It was Jiten who was with him in Club Service and of course Vivek with his monthly reports. Global Grants were a matter of pride to him as he continued what was started by IPP Prabodh Sharma.

I once asked Sudhir,” how do you manage all this” and he told me in three simple words, ‘It just happens”. I saw he was the same unassuming Sudhir. He trusted his Directors and acknowledged them. It is a part of his personality. He has again raised the benchmark.

He knew that what he was doing was beneficial and fair to all concerned. He knew he was true to himself. He knew his actions would spread goodwill and better friendships. Is this not the Four-way test?

As the theme was…it truly was a Dream Year for Sudhir. You have not just broken the roof but have gone much beyond it.

The Rotary wheel moves on and Rtn. Vidhya Subramanian,  a veteran and an experienced Rotarian takes over.  Sudhir as IPP will be a changed person with all the experiences he has had and a great asset to the Club and to Rotary. We wish him all the best in all his endeavours.

Rtn Hema Subramanian

Congratulations Dear President Sudhir for a super fantastic Dream year. You and your Team of Rodeos have done wonderful projects, super fellowships, bonding amongst all of us, brought in a lot of funds to the Trust, District Grants, Global Grant, and so much work done in RCC – which was expressed so well and spoken about by our RCC team today. Proud moment.

The young Rotaractors too appreciated your support and guidance with your team members. You have taken our Club to greater heights.

I would like to Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to serve Rotary Deonar along with you and your team.

It was a wonderful year ….. lots of fun, teamwork, service above self and above all – We the Rodeo family members enjoyed every bit of the Dream year. Thank you once again.

Wishing you and your wonderful family all the very best in all your future endeavours. I must not forget – the support I got from Padma, Sangita, and Jiten ….. throughout the year.

Thank you to each and every Rodeo and their family members too.

God bless all of us.


Rtn Rohan D’Souza

Congratulations Prez👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I thank you on behalf of all Rodeos for all that you did throughout the year, most of all – for the sacrifices of personal and work-life that this Presidentship entails🙏🏻 And man… you have a swag😎

Rtn Shobhana Suresh Iyer

It is a feeling of utmost joy to see the enthu & gusto of gen-next Rodeos❣️ So many new members are so so involved & taking the service objective to greater levels. Hats of guys 🎩.

Kudos to the leaders too for getting them into the Rotary orbit 👍 Rodeos Zindabad 💪🏼✌🏼- We certainly make it happen 💖


Annette Paroma Bhattacharya gets her Ph.D in UK

Ann Ratna and Rtn Goutam Bhattacharya experienced an extremely proud moment when their daughter Paroma was awarded PhD at the convocation ceremony in the UK.

Paroma secured her degree last year but the ceremony was delayed due to Covid.

It was a memorable experience with the function taking place inside a 1000+-year-old cathedral. There was a double celebration when Paroma was awarded the best teacher award for Innovative Teaching for the entire London School of Economics during the very first year of her teaching career.

Kannan’s in Action

Rtn Nalini Kannan was seen attending the IWC District assembly in Chennai.

She shared how one friend is handing over and another friend is taking over the mantle of District chairmanship of District 323 Chennai, at IIT Tech Park Auditorium.

These two friends were also the ones who invited her in 2019 for the launching of the Pink Auto project, in the hands of IIW President Chris. Their Pink Auto project was on a large scale with 40 beneficiaries and a few transgenders too. In hindsight, I now understand the deep passion that Nalini also carries for our Pink Auto project.

The moment captured with District Governor – Rtn Palani of 3231 Chennai area

Young Kannan  Annette – Athreya in Action

Rotaractor President – Athreya leading Rotactors in National Park Clean-up drive.

Rtn Herzel shares his blessings from Vipassana

In the previous newsletter, we covered about completion of Herzel’s 10 days of Vipassana. Here, he shares his experiences, learnings and the schedule during Vipassana. This might end up inspiring you.

Rtn Jaydeep shares his knowledge to sail through the rainy season

Rtn Jaydeep, who is in the tyre business, shared this advice with club members for safety and getting the car monsoon ready.

He recommended choosing the right tyres and also checking their treading

Vivek’s 1st Hindi Content on LinkedIn

Annette Rohita graduates with distinction

Daughter of PDG T.N.Subramanian and President Vidhya Subramanian Rohita Aiyer has passed with the highest distinction

AG Liladhar Parab in Action!

AG Liladhar Parab at the Installation Ceremony of RC Mulund Hills. It is great to see our Past President holding a key position for the Alpha Year.

Jana Babu coming up with an exciting project involving many Rodeos

Cdr Rtn S. Jana met Rtn Vishal Dassani at his LED factory and also involved him in a project that would see progress in the 1st month of the Alpha Year

Annette Nupur Gadkari in Action

Rtn Jhankar Gadkari’s daughter Nupur is studying at Warwick Business School in England. She recently got featured on a Podcast – The Sustainability Journey – Women in Leadership and Sustainability.
Click the link here to listen:
Click here to read more about her stunning achievements:

Fun fact – Saand Ki Aankh

Rtn Jhankar Gadkari shared a moment where he had the chance to meet Chandro Tomar (the real-life character) of the movie – Saand Ki Aankh that got released in 2019

He had visited her village Johari in Bagapat. In the pic, she is seen gifting him homemade raw unrefined sugar.

She was a legend and has won more than 60 medals for shooting

Rtn Vidhya Subramaniam | President 2022-23 | Rotary Club of Deonar

Here’s welcoming our President 2022-23 – Rtn Vidhya Subramanian and this message from her end will open up your Imagination to the New Year:

Following was the message that our brand new President Vidhya Subramanian circulated via our Whatsapp group:

When the Dream Year door closes and the Alpha Year opens, It can bring a lot of promises along.

Now is the time to take stock of what we are leaving behind and then look ahead for new opportunities.

Let us celebrate the endings as they precede new beginnings.

A fresh start to all the possibilities and success in all our endeavours.

Wishing you all a very satisfying and blessed year.

Click here to check the Closing Message that has come from RI President Shekhar Mehta

Here is a must-watch video that effectively showcases the changeover of the Rotary Year from RI President Shekhar Mehta to Jennifer Jones

I, on behalf of the PR Team 2021-22 take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all your love and affection. Looking forward to your continued support.

PR Team 2021-22 would like to sign off with the following creative shared by Ultra Creative Rtn Jhankar Gadkari


Have you signed on (This will open a whole host of information for you to discover and learn more about Rotary)

Let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of people by continuing an exciting journey ahead.


With Rotary Cheers!

Rtn Vivek Khandelwal
Director – PR 2022-23
Rotary Club of Deonar
Website :

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Vivek Khandelwal

What could be better than seeing an incredible work that has been executed by the entire team of Rotary Year 2021-22 under the able leadership of IPP Sudhir Mehta. The work done by RC Deonar is loaded with inspiration!

Padma Kapoor

It has now become a ritual to await your lovely all comprehensive news letter….what a detailed compilation… A huge thanks to Vivek , Tushar and PR team for showcasing our projects so explicitly.
Much kudos/ Padma