Vocational Service Intiatives


Rotary Club of Deonar has been organising various vocational training programs & workshops for over 30 years in our community . We believe that, for long-term success of any Vocational Training program, we have to be consistent in our offerings and establish a name for excellence in training, mentoring and hand-holding.

ROVEC aims to focus ,consolidate and expand our efforts, resources, and reach.


  • Vocational Service Avenue encourages Rotarians to serve others through their vocations and to promote high ethical standards
  • The Rotary “4-Way Test” is the guiding force in all the vocational Service initiatives
  • Rotary is committed to ‘Economic & Community Development’. Vocational education and training is an instrument of social engineering for achieving a series of objectives,
    such as accelerating economic growth, reducing youth unemployment and benefiting from economic globalization.
  •  ROVAC works with a unique professional T.C.S. program :
  1. Training : Vocational Training for Earning Livelihood .
  2.  Counselling : Vocational Guidance to Students.
  3. Sustenance: Long term nurturing of Vocational Excellence.


ROVEC TCS program includes

  • Skills development
  • Soft skills training
  • High ethical standards of operation.

Some recent initiatives of ROVEC TCS program

  1.  Pink Angels
  2.  Sukrut Self Help
  3. Nursing Aids
  4. Rapid Force
  5. Vocational Patronage
1 Pink Angels
  • Empowering Women to own and drive rickshaws.
  • Self-sustaining livelihood generation
  • Includes.
    • auto rickshaw driving training
    • confidence building
    • loan for their own auto rickshaw
4 months 10 Rs 30,000/-
2 Enterprise Self Help
  • Skill upgradation.
  • Setting up entrepreneurial venture.
  • Support & hand-holding in logistics & markeing
3 months 10 Rs 5,000/-
3 Nursing Aids
  • Skill training.
  • Internships for patient care
  • Elder care professionals.
6 months 10 Rs 60,000/-
4 Rapid Force
  • Security & housekeeping training for physically strong men & women.
  • Placement with suitable agencies
3 months 20 Rs 10,000/-
5 Vocational Patronage.
  • Training programs organised by ROVEC in collaboration with PMKVY or JSS (starting soon…electrician & A/C repairing courses)
  • Sponsoring deserving candidates for programs by professional training institutes (like ITI, JSS, etc)}
3 months - 12 months 1 case specific


ROVEC will also undertake short orientation talks in schools for simple functional orientation for self-development, safety and creating interest in a particular area. The purpose is to

  •  Create focus
  •  Build confidence
  •  Authentic guidance for a better future
  •  Groom children to pursue a specific vocation based on their aptitude.
  • Build competencies ,
  • Creating a confident next generation.

Some planed initiatives for 7-10th Std.

  • Electrical bulb/tube changing.
  • Fuse box control
  • First aid & emergency first response
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • People Skills.
  • Career Guidance Fair in schools and junior colleges.


Rotary Club of Deonar is committed to the cause of Community building & Development through various initiatives in education, health and livelihood training. RCD contributes to all
the initiatives through a four-pronged approach:

  • Personal volunteering of our members in conducting programs & hand-holding the beneficiaries
  • Thought leadership to envisage, conceptualise, plan & execute the programs
  • Financial contribution by the club to the extent of 10% of project cost
  • Resources mobilization through members’ contacts and competencies

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