From the PR desk: 01 Aug 2021

From the PR desk: 01 Aug 2021
Rtn Vivek Khandelwal | Director PR | Rotary Club of Deonar 2021-22

Rtn Vivek Khandelwal | Director PR | Rotary Club of Deonar 2021-22

Hi Folks…

This is the 1st working month after the new beginning in July that governs any Rotary Club. The Rotary world has already been set on a trend to drive everything online though there were hopes that a mega event like Installation might see physical meet and greet with one and all. RC Deonar did have an early Installation and thus it was truly a skyrocketing month for us as ‘Rodeos’. Our Whatsapp chat was abuzz with the action of pictures and member updates through and through.

This month has also been a showcase month for us since we have truly lived the vision set by our RI President – Shekhar Mehta i.e., Serve to Change Lives. The kinds of projects that we have been able to undertake in the month have impacted lives across age groups and it is this aspect that gives a feeling beyond words.

We did many things…that covers both Urban and Rural markets and the impact of which goes to young students right up to the elderly in varied ways. It is this diversity that truly holds the key and the impact that Rodeos can have in the community.

This month saw a lot of PR led initiatives and Rodeos have wholeheartedly contributed to making this happen in a lot of newspaper published articles, digital brochures for RC Deonar highlighting and showcasing our initiatives in a subtle yet impactful manner, rolling out digital brochures and other elements for Vocational Service Excellence Hub, Rapid Action Force, Project Knicker, Pink Auto Club and District projects amongst many other aspects.

More than anything else, what we at the PR team are truly excited about is the years of efforts in terms of building and managing this website by Rtn Ravi Shekhar is being taken to the next level since we are going to actively drive communication through this medium.

Stay tuned and keep watching this website for more. Do not forget to keep inspiring your mates and known circles with the fabulous work you are doing just by being part of this family.




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“Great job on the presentation Vivek, I appreciated how you explained the current situation so well !!

Vivek Khandelwal

Thank You for your kind compliments! Pls, continue to Inspire… 🙌🏻