Career Guidance – After SSC, What?

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Project Name : Career Guidance webinars – After SSC, What??

Project Date : 18th July, 2021

Project Cost (Rs.) : None

Area where the Project has been executed : Virtual, Deonar, Mankhurd, Trombay

No. of Beneficiaries: 120 students, 12 teachers

District Grant/Global Grant/RCC/Rotaract/Interact/Others : No

Members Present : President Sudhir Mehta, Kulbhushan Jetly, Vishnu Kamat, Dr Kiran Dabholkar, Dr Meera Chandramauli, Rohini Ravindran, Alka Murli

Total Attendees : 128

Names of Participating Institutions : Vivekanand Education Society’s Polytechnic as speakers; 6 schools participated as beneficiaries.

Comments received from the Partners/ Beneficiaries: There was an immense positive response from schools’ teachers who attended the webinar. The information provided was crucial and very important for the students who have just passed the SSC exam. The guidance was an eye-opener for many students as well as teachers as such information was never given to them before by any college or NGOs.

Past Background/History of the Project: This was the first time we have taken this webinar for SSC students.

Detailed Description: The world is changing faster than we can anticipate and even imagine. In this evolution, the force of pandemics has only accelerated this pace and also enforced on people newer ways of thinking and doing things. What is bringing this change is a single word – ‘Digitisation’.

One can question that during his/her younger days, there weren’t so many career options that are available now. The answer is ‘Yes’ and the bigger answer is that it would continue to evolve further.

To address this challenge and to support our younger generation, the Rotary Club of Deonar took the resolve to organise a career guidance webinar to help and support such students. It was organised for outgoing SSC students from 6 schools from the areas of Deonar, Mankhurd & Trombay.

The total no of participating students was in excess of 120 along with an active presence of 12 teachers.

Rotary Club Deonar

Letterhead – Appreciation letter – Team Rotary

The topic was to brief students & parents on the Diploma and Engineering options available after SSC. The knowledge was shared in 3 manners:

Session 1 – Context Setting by Principal Vikrant Joshi. He outlined the importance, relevance and need for children to go for diploma engineering programs as a Nation Building career option with ever-growing scope & fulfilment.

Session 2 – This was taken by Prof Bindu Ramesh, who gave a presentation on various courses offered by VES Polytechnic. She beautifully explained the advantages of a diploma program that makes students ready for a respectable job in any industry and also elaborated on the diploma to degree route that students can take to achieve their dream of higher education.

Session 3 – This was taken by Mr Kalpesh Bagal and he informed the students about various scholarships available to the students. He also invited them to visit the college, where there is a dedicated Scholarship Support Cell that could help the students to navigate through the complicated process of getting the desired scholarship.

We were privileged with the presence of 2 School Principals i.e., Mrs Pradnya Pawar of Trombay MPS, Trombay and Mr Kale of Subhash Chandra Bose School, Mankhurd.

They spoke towards the end of the sessions and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Rotary Club of Deonar for organising a webinar on a much-needed topic and to VES Polytechnic for sharing their insight on higher education.

The students were very inquisitive about various programs and were happy to get their queries getting addressed live.

Rtn Vishnu Kamat appreciated the program stating that he himself has taken the route of Diploma to Degree Engineering and that has given him an edge over other students. He truly had a very successful & enriching career.

Rtn Kulbhushan Jetly, himself an engineer and an entrepreneur, emphasized the practical experience that the diploma programs give. He emphasised the importance of this knowledge and shared that many industries prefer diploma engineers for their vast experience & exposure to the industry.

Rtn Rohini Ravindran recapped the sessions eruditely and thanked all present for their interest, time & valuable contributions.

The school authorities appreciated the efforts of Rtn Alka Murli for her commendable efforts in organising an event of this scale and also requested continued support.

  • By Project Lead – Rtn Alka Murli

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