Jeevandaan: Blood Donation Camp

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Name of the event: Blood Donation Camp

Date of the event: 24th July 2021

Location of the event: General Education Academy, Chembur

Duration of the event: 10 am to 3 pm

Number of Eligible Donors: 36

Host Club: Rotary Club of Deonar, Rotaract Club of Deonar

Event Summary: First Blood Donation Camp was held successfully at General Education Academy on the 24th of July 2021 led by Rotaract Club of Deonar and Rotary Club of Deonar. This camp is a part of the quarterly camps to be held at a venue this year. Rtn. Herzel and Rtn. Rajashri led from the front with the team of Rotaract warriors under the able guidance of President Vasanthraj. Innovative initiatives like the Chembur Station campaign, Personal call up to fellow Rotarians, posters at shops with the help of the Merchants Association along with social media campaigns were used to attract donors to the camp. A yearly agreement has been signed with General Education Academy with the help of Rtn. Naresh Shenoy. Somaiya Hospital team supported the camp efficiently as always.

The highlight of this event:

  1. More than 60 footfalls of donors to the Blood donation
  2. 36 bottles of blood were successfully collected
  3. Presence of Rodeos in large numbers to support the team.
  4. A large team of enthusiastic volunteers was ready to support the camp in every possible way
  5. Adequate coverage by the Lokmat team for PR.
  6. Flawless arrangements of food, water, tea and coffee and warmth were exhibited towards the donors.
  7. Multiple innovative initiatives were taken to attract donors.

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Despite the pandemic and partial lockdown, so many people coming in and donating is truly an achievement. Kudos to Rodeos who always make it happen!