About Rotary Club of Deonar

Rotary Club of Deonar is an association of vibrant professionals. It came into being under the able leadership of Dr. N.S.Amonkar (Charter President), and received Charter from R.I. on 9th March 1987.

Our Club was the brain child of the Rotary Club of Chembur, ably enthused and supported by the then GSR – Late Haribhai Dallal and the then D.G – Late Dr. Chandrakant Mirje. The very next President Late Jayant Raje took our Club to such heights that we have never looked back since. He with his Polio Plus campaign put our Club on the map of District 3141 and R.I. for ever and ever. Subsequently the Club has had dynamic leadership in Jetly, Deshmukh, Narsiah Garu, Girotra, Raju, Ramesh Mehta, Ballal, Pramod, Kalra. In 2001-2002 the Club changed its meeting venue to BPGC under the youthful leadership of Gautam. Since then Jana, Jhankar, Ram, Kannan and Usha have kept up the pace and raised the benchmark to new levels.

Today we can proudly say we have come of age after having hosted a memorable District Assembly at Nehru Centre, the Centiannial R.I. President at the BPGC and of course the crowning glory – a D.G. from our Club!!!

26 illustrious Presidents who have maintained high ethical standards, worked tirelessly with full gusto, commitment and enthusiasm.

We Salute each and every Past President today and wish them all the very best in their endeavors. May you continue to keep the flag of Rotary Club of Deonar flying high.

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