PR Newsletter Nov & Dec 2022

PR Newsletter Nov & Dec 2022

Hello Rotarians & Families, Guests & Visitors…

This time, we have brought to you a detailed report with a quarter update collectively.

An alert: Reading this may take time and hence bookmark and enjoy it since you are on a journey

If you are going to read as a member of RC Deonar – Feel proud of the manner in which your club has been able to impact

If you are going to read as an external Rotary member or a visitor – Feel free to reach out to us to know more about how we execute large-scale projects in a seamless manner

This quarter brought aspects of focusing on the following:

Oct ’22 – Community Economic Development Month

Nov ’22 – Rotary Foundation Month

Dec ’22 – Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

In the Rotary Foundation month, our RI President urged all the Rotarians to share the stories that we experience day in and day out. This has been one of the easiest ways to Imagine Rotary (a theme that is running under her esteemed leadership)

Somehow we always have enough and more to talk about in terms of the work that we do and it is such things that always create so much of a difference and you never know who it can end up inspiring!

Let us walk this journey together

Rtn Vivek Khandelwal | Director PR 2022-23 | RC Deonar

Feedback from some of our club members

President Vidhya Subramanian

Wonderful coverage of so many monthly activities of the Club in a few pages. Superb articles on more than Rotary that make reading such a pleasure. Fantabulous pictorial depictions.

PP Rtn A V Suresh

Excellent Vivek. Yet another compilation par excellence.

This bulletin keeps all Rodeos informed of all activities and should motivate them too. Will create a better bond between Rodeos and makes us all part of a family.. Projects are well covered. Well done. Cheers and all the best for many more.

PP Rtn Laxmiraj Shah

Very informative and impressive Bulletin. Full of action photographs and valuable contents.

Reading is always a pleasure.

Congratulations Vivek and The Publishing Team 👍👌

President-Elect Sangeeta Shahani

As soon as one gets to know the news letter is out, we rush to read it. Such rich and complete content. Takes us through all that has happened in our Rotary world so completely. Congratulations again and again…

Rtn Shivani Bansal

Remember the Hero Honda advrt? – fill it shut it forget it. Likewise, we do the projects and it’s then over for us. We though don’t forget it and it becomes a memory and we start focusing on the next project. But Vivek’s newsletters cover each project in so much depth that we relive each moment over and over again. Super coverage. 👌🏻👌🏻

PP Rtn Padma Kapoor

Very comprehensive dear Vivek. Kudos

Fellowship with Festivals continued here on Durga Puja

I remember in the previous board meeting – our President Rtn Vidhya Subramanian brought an immense passion for all of us to collectively be together on this auspicious occasion to enjoy the Durga Puja family Bhog in the afternoon.  It was nothing less than a great family bonding and a different kind of fellowship.

Our members enjoyed the Navratri fellowship gathering with the Durga Pooja Association at Chembur. A special Pushpanjali and Aarthi were performed by the participating members alongwith their families.

Our President also went ahead and sponsored a Pooja for the well-being of our Club

Rtn Kavita Kulkarni said about the event:

Today we had excellent fellowship along with Durga mata darshan.We attended Aarti and had prasad as lunch. Thanks Vidhya for organizing it.We got special treatment for Darshan as well as lunch, thanks to Vidhya.

Meeting with Rotary Spouses

A meeting was held along with spouses to understand the perspective of a Rotary spouse. It was an interesting meeting wherein the Rotary Anns described how the Rotary activities have affected their lives.

  • PP Shobha Iyer taking views of the Rotary Ann Radhika Krishnaswamy
  • The Apt audience listening to the experiences of the spouses
  • Kavita Kulkarni‘s husband introduced himself as “Mr Kavita Kulkarni”. He had the audience laughing while narrating his experiences as the Rotary Husband

The event was ably conducted by PP Rtn Shobha Iyer and was presided by President-Elect Rtn Sangeeta Shahani. The contribution of games came in from Rotary Ann Anu Iyer.

Club Meeting with a Difference with Speaker PP Rtn Jhankar Gadkari

The Topic of the day was “ The Shield…the less known 27 years of Maratha History”.  He went on to narrate the incident of the period of Marathas just after the death of Shivaji.

Club members and invited guests were in awe after listening and had many questions and things to learn from his deep knowledge of our cultural history.

Club Roster by Rtn Monica Gupta

Keeping the club together is never easy and one of the key enablers is to have the compiled details of all the members in the form of a Roster.

Rtn Monica took this on herself and tirelessly worked jointly with Club officials led by President Rtn Vidhya Subramanian.

Speaker Meeting with Dr Ashish Doshi on Diabetic Retinopathy

He gave a talk related to Diabetes eye care to ensure that anyone could maintain their eyes in a better manner and the precautions one could take to delay this process.

Dr Doshi also urged the members to become active eye donors as it was the need of the hour.

Club Meeting with Speaker Mr Sandeep Nerlekar

Our club meeting at our usual Bombay Presidency Golf Course became special with the presence of Mr Sandeep Nerlekar from Terentia who spoke at length about the importance of making a will and estate planning.

The idea came from the thought that in today’s environment …this cannot be written off the in any manner.

It was also a great opportunity for President Vidhya to release the club roster by Joint Secretary Rtn Monica Gupta, alongwith newly inducted member Rtn Prakash Gadgil

It was a great gesture by Rtn Sanjay Mehta to have invited our Guest Speaker and his good friend to come and share his knowledge as an expert on the subject.

Whether you have a simple set of assets and a plan for leaving it in your will, or a complex structure of owned assets, family members etc, he was able to give clarity and guidance on what’s required to be done to have an appropriate estate planning.

Installation of Interactors

The bond that our club Rotarians have with the Interactors and Rotaractors is very deep and in sync with the Rotary values. It also gets exhibited in the no of joint projects that our club keeps doing.

Our members actively participated in the Installation of Interactors from Gregarious School to encourage young minds on the path to serve and learn

Impact at Vijay Army Military School in Panvel

RC Deonar distributed Sports Uniforms and a milk drink to 400 students of Vijay Army Military School in Panvel.

The project was sponsored by PP Padma Kapoor in memory of her late father.

The Project was featured in the local newspaper – Mumbai Lakshadip

Club President Rtn Vidhya also shared that our large-hearted Treasurer  – Rtn Vishal Dassani gave 10 inverter bulbs with 3 hours back up each to Vijay Army School in Panvel.

Festival of Lights – Diwali Happiness Kit Distribution

The idea for this project came in from previous years and the core objective is to reach out to underprivileged children and elderly people and spread happiness and sweetness on Diwali.

The kits consisted of ghee besan laddoos, ghee Mysore pak, bhanjani chakli, shankarpale, karanji and a box of sparklers. It was heartening to see the smiles on their face and their eyes light up like small diyas when they see that they are not lonely on this earth, especially on the day of Diwali!

This project impacted the lives of over 500 people in and around the Mankhurd and Govandi areas.

Rtn Shivani Bansal actively contributed her energy and passion towards the development of this project.

President-Elect Rtn Sangeeta Shahani said:

Super work Shivani. A great feeling of giving. A big shout out to Vidusha (PP Rtn Padma’s grand daughter) who is always enthusiastic about their giving

Ops Restore Global Grant Audit

Rotary International (RI) is known for its continuity and sustainability and as part of that mission – every Global Grant project above USD 1 lac is reviewed at a deeper level.

RI appoints a cadre to visit the clubs and audit the project for which the grant is sanctioned.

PDG Dr Ravi Appaji from RC Madikeri is appointed as Cadre for our Ops Restore Global Grant Project.

We had the honour of Rtn Ravi Appaji visiting NBC after the initial due diligence was done over video connects.

He keenly understood various technical aspects of how surgeries are done and the follow-up mechanism that is being followed.

The team followed up with another meeting that happened on a subsequent day at The Turf Club in Mumbai.

Diwali Support to Aarju Foundation – Community of Transgenders

Members of RC Deonar spent Diwali with the 20 Transgender inmates of the Aarju Foundation.

Our club came forward to support the request that came in from Aarju Foundation towards making Diwali a bit more special for their workers.

Rtn. Rema and PP Rtn Ravishekhar spent some time interacting with them.

They in turn wished all the members of RC Deonar a very Happy Festive Season.

Our club distributed sarees sponsored by President Rtn Vidhya Subramanian and Sweets box hampers sponsored by Rtn Hema Subramanian.

This was to support the transgender shelter in the Panvel area

The Chief Co-ordinator and Head of Aarju Foundation – Mansi actively appreciated the support of RC Deonar.

India celebrates TRF

RIDE Rtn T.N.Subramanian (Raju) contributing to the growth of TRF for a defining future of Rotary

Home district felicitates RIDE Subramanian

It was a moment of pride for RID 3141 to have someone from their own District rise and shine at RI and represent at the global level in the capacity of being a RID

Rotary Voices

It has indeed been a matter of enormous pride for our club to have the 3rd article published in Rotary Voices.

Mumbai Rotary comes to aid of a stranded student

Daan Utsav

Over 100 beneficiaries received Clothes, Winter Clothes, Bedsheets and Blankets.

They were identified basis of their genuine needs.

Rtn. Akshay Mehta explains the different aspects of TRF

District TRF officer Rtn. Akshaya Mehta spoke about the TRF to the club members.

He clarified the queries about CSR India Grants, Global Grants, DDF and TRF in detail.

RC Deonar participated in the Eye Checkup Camp

Our club participated and contributed to the Alpha Year’s initiative connected to a free mega eye checkup camp in association with RC Mulund Hill View.

It was held for the parents/relatives of the children of the KKM Centre in Bandra East. Spectacles were sponsored for the people who required

The response from the camp was highly encouraging with over 80 beneficiaries.

Fellowship Meet post Diwali Celebrations

Fellowship is always an integral part of our day-to-day life.

Rodeos have always been scaling up the manner in which member engagements have been happening and this one was yet another example

A fellowship meeting with spouses was arranged at Bombay Presidency Golf club where all the members present enjoyed the games and a well-planned musical night.

Members dressed up in the party theme colours of Blue, green

Kudos to Rtn Rohini Ravindran who planned everything in a seamless manner

Of course, President Rtn Vidhya Subramanian as always was the backbone to ensure that this was an evening worth remembering. She arranged a variety of gifts to ensure that every participant has an evening to remember and rejoice upon

Ann Ankita, Ann Anuradha and many others gave their best foot forward to have an evening of fun and joy – the credit goes to each Rodeo because they exhibited a great spirit to participate in every planned event.

Feedback from Ann Archana Parab about the event

It was a unique event or idea by Rohini where we backseater spouses were brought to the forefront to speak out our views. It was a fun-filled evening. I got to know how many entered the rotary family, how it changed their lives, and how much spouses support their Rotarian partners and try to be part of it. The main crux of most talks was fellowships and human connections and emotional attachments with each other. How once kids grow up and leave the family nest, this extended family will be a major support system in our old age.

The icing on the cake was the spouse game arranged by Anuradha. It was really an amazing evening

Feedback from Rtn Rohini about the event

Dear Vivek,

What do I say- But A BIG BIG thank you.. for all that u and Ankita did last night.

Both of you truly carried the show on ur shoulders..

Wow.. some very strong shoulders and spirits..

Kudos to both of you..

Guru Dakshina in full!!  [Btw, am waiting for this ;)]

Feedback from Ann Sudhir Kulkarni about the event

A very novice idea initiated by Rtn Rohini, that too with remote handling from Bengaluru, when implemented on 20 Oct 2022, at the regular Thursday meeting of Rotary Club of Deonar in the Bombay Presidency Golf Club Chembur, was indeed an insight into the work being done by the Rotarians in general and RODEOS in particular.

A few points as I recollect during the meeting are:

1) The spouses feel that their counterparts are doing great service to Society. Some of them were proud that she/ he is in the Rotary Club.

2) Another aspect of fellowship (in Rotary Club) was of great importance to some of them for twin reasons

  1. A) A helping hand when they were in distress.
  2. B) It was a means of filling the ‘emptiness’ in an advanced stage of life when own children will be away. (Much as I do not subscribe to this view. In my life when I joined the like-minded NGO, Lions Club, I was in prime youth myself, so also when Kavita joined the Rotary club, she was in prime youth too.)

3) The membership per se and taking responsibility for Presidentship, for all, gives a visible sense of confidence in the person.

4) For some, I included, it was a very private & personal view to express love ❤️ for their partner.

5) The view that Rotary clubs hold is international rather than local. A classic example is its Exchange Program. It has a wider horizon yet is grounded in its roots.

What I narrated hitherto may appear all prose, but on the whole, the meeting (we exceeded it by a full 1 hour) was hilarious courtesy of Shobha and active participation by both Spouses & Rotarians. I mention Ram, Arundhati, Vishnu.

RCC – Our continued success story with Shudh Jal, E-education, Medical equipment support

What started from just one village with RCC Shelu, our club RCD has come a long way in transforming villages and the numbers now stand at 5 RCCs and 63 adopted villages, to date.

It was great to be part of the celebrations of the ‘Service Above Self’ projects.

Computers and Printers were handed over to the last two Zilla Parishad Schools.

A total of 36 computers and 24 printers have been donated to 24 schools. This initiative was taken by RC Deonar under E-education Support over the last few years. RIDE TN Subramanian was the Chief Guest.

Many other projects including the Completion/Inauguration of Shudh Jal and others were also done by him. Their details include:

Handing over Water Filters to 5 schools and completing of Shudh Hal Project.

Totally 34 schools were given water filters over the last few years at a cost of 47 lakhs.

Out of which 22 lakhs was sponsored by Eureka Forbes, 7 lakhs from CSR, 8 lakhs by District Grants, 8.5 lakhs by RC Deonar Mumbai Charity Trust and 1.5 lakhs was contributed by Members. The beneficiaries for this project include over 2000 people.

An ECG Machine was donated to The Primary Health Centre at Kalamb Village at one of the RCCs in Karjat. RIDE TN Subramanian sponsored the machine in memory of his late father Mr TS Narayan.

Readiness to launch of 32nd RCC  – An Urban RCC for the 1st time

PP Rtn Padma Kapoor shared the following inspiring message on this launch:

Heartiest Congratulations to Alpha President AKS Vidhya Subramanian of RC Deonar for sponsoring 32nd RCC of Alpha Rotary year 2022-23…💐💐👌🏼👌🏼

The newly chartered RCC of Maharashtra Nagar is SIXTH RCC sponsored by RC Deonar which is their FIRST URBAN RCC…👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼

We thank District RCC Team Member Rtn. Sudhir Mehta (District Co-Chair : Central), AKS Kulbhushan Jetly, Rtn. Vishnu Kamat, Rtn. Liladhar Parab and all the other members of RC Deonar who have put immense efforts in formation of this RCC…

Looking forward to carry out worthy projects through this ‘LONG-TERM’ URBAN RCC of Maharashtra Nagar that will Shape the Future of the community in need…👍🏼👍🏼😊😊

Empowering RCC’s

Rotary Deonar – Lead Club of the 1st ever Training Seminar for Office Bearers of RCC.

Co-hosted 2 RCC Seminars i.e.,  One for the full District and the other one for Central Zone Clubs.

Two of our club’s eminent members including PP Rtn Sudhir Mehta and RCC Co-ordinator Arjun Tare were also the speakers at the Empowering RCC event.

President Vidhya was also a speaker at the South Bombay Seminar

RCD Shining in Rodel Debate Competition – ALPHA RODEL (The Rotary Debate League)  

Our debate team successfully qualified in the pre-quarters of the Rodel debate competition

Team 1

RC Deonar versus RC Green City: The topic is  “Single-gender schools are better than co-ed schools”

The participating Rodeos were – Dipti, Jaisal and Suresh Menon

RC Deonar speaks AGAINST the topic

Rotary Deonar narrowly lost to RC Green City – Scores were 197.5 vs 199

Rtn Jaisal was awarded as the best Debater

Team 2

RC Deonar versus RC Bombay Uptown: The topic is “Men should be taught not to be sexist ”

The participating Rodeos were:  Ram, Sangeeta and Shan

RC Deonar speaks AGAINST the topic

Rotary Deonar won the debate

Scores:  192 vs182

Rtn Shanmukha awarded as the best Debater.

Check out our earlier coverage on this topic

All-in-all, this has been an outcome with contributions from many Rodeos who have directly and indirectly contributed towards its success.

Chembur Children’s Home (CCH) – Beginning of a high-impact project

Our MOU with Children’s Aid Society, Chembur Children’s Home with Rotary Club of Deonar is signed and ready.

Rotary Club of Deonar will make its presence in the Community in a very big way

The Urban Bio-diversity Park will be a Flagship project of our Club. This is a very prestigious project and will be undertaken phase-wise.

Upon request from Chembur Children’s Home, we have already started Phase 1 with the Kitchen Garden and work is going on in full swing. We have got experts in the field who have advised and started the process.

Dolly Chappia, a botanist and Professor at Bombay University, Kalina has volunteered to do the work with her team in the kitchen garden area.

Once complete, this initiative will be one of its kind and will project the name of the Rotary Club of Deonar in a big way. The Community will recognise our efforts and presence for the last 36 years.

Making a small monetary contribution or arranging funds from well-wishers for the good work that is undertaken is also one way of participation

Note: Any interest in an individual or organisation willing to support is more than welcome. Our core committee will be happy to share the relevant details with the desired stakeholders.

To read more about this project – do remember to visit our earlier newsletter here:

Children’s Day celebrations with Chembur Children’s Home (CCH)

Children’s Day was celebrated in a big way at Chembur Childrens Home. We celebrated Children’s Day Celebrations on Nov 14 & 15 at CCH.

The two-day event was well attended by local NGOs and officials. RC Deonar sponsored 20 backpacks to the students who passed SSC and are now going to Junior College. Our Club was honoured for being a regular supporter of the Institution.

Our club has initiated a mega initiative to uplift the lives of young children with active participation in terms of overall infrastructure development.

Our President Rtn Vidhya Subramanian alongwith many other members have been visiting this place on a regular basis to keep engaging with the authorities.

Our club also supported the children’s home with wall clocks for the dormitories, office, dining hall and kitchen area.

Diwali Kit Distribution at Bal Kalyan Nagari and many other places

Rtn Shivani Bansal was apt in commenting on how our unstoppable veteran Rtn Vishnu Kamat has been busy distributing happiness kits on Diwali at multiple centres. Many members have been a pillar of support in this initiative as always

The kits consisted of sweets, savouries and a box of sparklers. It is very heartening to see the smiles on their faces and their eyes light up with joy. Places covered – Garib Nagar, Siddhartha Colony, Beggars Home, Chembur Children Home, Bal Kalyan Nagari, Grace Foundation, Gadkari Khan Centre

He went to do that at Chembur Children’s Home and Gadkari Khan Centre as well.

Our veteran Rtn Mani said

Without doubt, Sakshat Vishnu is the messiah of Rodeos to the underprivileged community.

Effort on Global Grant continues by our Rodeos

The first cochlear implant surgery under the “Global Grant Meri Awaaz Suno” has been successful.  This was done for Vanshika who had success in her journey towards sound and speech. @ SRCC Hospital Haji Ali

RC Deonar contributed to this grant last year jointly with RC Worli.

Board of Director Meeting for the month of Dec 2022

BOD meeting was successfully conducted at Shahani Institute sponsored by our gracious host – President Elect Rtn Sangeeta Shahani

Fireside Meeting hosted by Club President Rtn Vidhya Subramanian

Our generous President hosted a fireside meeting wherein potential members were invited for an orientation about Rotary and the activities of RC Deonar.

A few new members were also invited.

RIDE Raju Subramanian, PP Rtn Jhankar Gadkari, PP Rtn Rajendra Datye, and Membership Director Rtn Sunil Keswani spoke to the invitees about various aspects of Rotary.

A very interesting question-answer session followed where new members cleared many doubts.

Fellowship meeting at Hotel Orchid by PP Rtn Ravishekhar

A fellowship meeting was hosted by PP Rtn Ravishekhar to celebrate the success of his family. All Rodeos and invited guests had a good time dancing and dining.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) of RC Deonar

The most awaited event of the year is an AGM wherein the update of what has happened in the year including an update of the audited accounts for the previous year and what lies ahead gets discussed.

In this AGM, President-Elect Rtn. Sangeeta Shahani announced her Board of Directors for the Rotary Year 2023-24 after the elections and nominations were duly followed as per process.

Her newly announced board of directors celebrated the special moment with fun and laughter. The evening was followed by dinner at the club.

Retro evening to bid goodbye to 2022

Rodeos celebrated the evening on a Journey of the golden era of Hindi cinema. Mr Nandkishore Desai took the members on this nostalgic journey.

This being the last meeting of the year… the idea was to end the old and rock into the new

Club members enjoyed this fun-filled evening with great memories from Bollywood.

Rotal Time

Our club has been winning prizes each year.  This year too we expect enthusiastic participation from our members and their families.

🎵It’s Time to ROTAL! 🎤

Showcase your talent, Rock Rotary!


The Rotary Talent Extravaganza!

President-Elect in Action

Our President-Elect Rtn Sangeeta Shahani was seen in action getting trained to step into the big shoe starting 1st July 23.

Social Media Visibility

We have been posting regularly across channels including Linked In.

Here’s an example of the newsletter getting posted

For all those who are part of LinkedIn…here’s our newsletter with some highlights including how a half-century-young and dashing Rotarian took a challenge on herself and achieved it…with flying colours 😍🙌💪

Rotary News

Rotary autos make women self-reliant

Seeing that our work has got covered yet again in People of Action speaks volumes of our commitment and the work that we have been doing on multiple fronts.

The Rotary Pink Auto project is one that has really pushed women to move beyond their comfort zone and challenge themselves to do something that they always wanted to do but were waiting for such an opportunity.


Our Hero – AKS Rtn Kulbhushan Jetly is a continued inspiration to keep contributing

RCD’s 1st Hero to have entered into the prestigious Arch Klumph Society (AKS) Hall of Fame is Rtn KB Jetly who always calls himself to be addressed as “Kul” alias Cool.

His demeanour and passion to uplift the lives of people is an inspiration not just for the existing Rotarians but to many across our District.

Golden Anniversary of Jetly’s – Rtn Kulbhushan and Ann Manju 

On this memorable occasion – Dr Usha Desai wrote:

Manju and Kulbhushan, here’s wishing you both a very very happy golden anniversary. Have a great day. Remember your silver anniversary. It was such fun!

Rohan D’Souza wrote:

50 Golden years…Amazing couple… you have set a beautiful precedent for all of us…Happy wedding anniversary Jetleyji and Manjuji💐💐💐💐 Wishing you good health, peace and love always 💞

The journey from Deonar to Evanston – Rtn Raju and Rtn Vidhya Subramanian

President Rtn Vidhya Subramanian shared the following message: Raju very fondly recollects incidents as Club President and with RC Deonar members through his journey from Deonar to Evanston.

An interview worth watching:

President Vidhya and RIDE Rtn Raju Subramanian enter into the coveted AKS Club

RIDE Rtn T.N.Subramanian (Raju) and Vidhya were at RI Headquarters in Chicago.

These images say it all however I would still like to mention that the act of contribution is never like a silver bullet and one has to keep doing it consistently.

Rising in the hierarchy of Rotary by their commitment and also equally contributing through monetary angle makes this couple one of the most sought after not just in our District but across the globe.

Ashwita follows the footsteps of Parents

The donation of Rs.6 lacs by Annette Ashwita Venkatesh – daughter of RIDE Rtn T.N.Subramanian (Raju) and President Vidhya speaks volumes of her commitment to uplifting the lives of others.

This amount is going to support the commitment that our club has made to Bio Diversity Park at Chembur Children’s Home (CCH).

Donation by Smt Indu Telang

Donation by Indu Telang for an amount of Rs.20,000 Club donation towards the CCH project

Sanjay Mehta in Action

Just thought of sharing the words of Rtn Sanjay Mehta

Hey Folks,

I have never participated in any kind of marathon ever before. So, looking to challenge myself for the first time, with a 10K walk at the forthcoming Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023.

Also using the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Madat Charitable Trust, run by a dear friend of mine, Dr Anand Parihar.

The trust focuses on two key causes, viz Cope with Cancer (financial, medical and counselling help for cancer patients and their families) and Female Empowerment Through Education (FETE). I have set an initial modest target of INR 1,00,000/-, but hope to exceed that, and raise more funds, with help of friends and other outreach.

Wish me luck for the marathon and help me raise awareness and funds for this cause.

Exclusive Interview of Sanjay Mehta

Innovation is at the core when it comes to digital – Rtn Sanjay Mehta has shared his thoughts that have been covered in the link here:

Rtn Sanjay Mehta and his walks

You have been privy to how Rtn Sanjay has been taking us on a journey to various places in the city of Mumbai. Here’s another walkthrough from his side covering the Royal Opera House,  Marine drive and the Gorai beach area.

Flag exchange in the USA

Sanjay Mehta visits RC Palisades in New Jersey, USA – flags exchanged.

Rotary Outing on a Sunday Morning

PP Rtn Prabodh Sharma shared a picture-perfect moment where he was seen with Ann Leena along with Rotarians from other clubs.

Dussehra Rangoli in President Vidhya’s Building

This pic shows the talent, passion and devotion to the almighty superpower

New Member Induction – Prakash Gadgil

The induction of a new member – Prakash Gadgil successfully happened and he has started his journey of bonding and serving jointly with other Rodeos.

Flag exchange in Bengaluru

Rtn Shivani Bansal updated how our club flag was shared with President Rtn B Nagaraja of Rotary Rajarajeshwarinagar Nagar Centennial Bangalore by Rtn S N Bindal

Rtn Jaisal shared his comment and experience by saying:

This is a great step towards building long lasting connect with another club.

Rtn Mani sharing moments with a 100-year-old club in the USA

The ever-smiling Rtn Mani shared this pic while he attended a meeting with Rtn Shawn Rtn Sushil at the Rotary Club of Framingham

He enjoyed the pancake breakfast meeting of this 100-year-old club

I was glancing through some details and found this:

Many appreciation messages came in from several members appreciating this gesture on this side.

Rtn Dr. Sunil Keswani said:

Wow PNS😊 Well done and best wishes👏👏👏

PP Rtn A V Suresh said:

Wow…fabulous PNS. You are a champion🏆🏆

PP Rtn Jhankar Gadkari encouraged Arjuna Award Winner – Manasi Joshi 

We all know PP Rtn Jhankar Gadkari as a man who’s multi-talented on many fronts. He has always maintained relationships with people and that always has power.

He shared an image with Manasi Joshi who is our honorary member just before the Arjuna Award ceremony in Amdavad

Rtn Herzel continues to inspire with his run

He shared an image stating that he ran 18kms since he is 18 and not 50.

He shared this on the occasion of his 50th birthday – Yay! Golden Year

While this may look like a simple line however it is truly profound!

Laptop to the needy

When our veteran member Rtn Vishnu Kamat raised a query in the Whatsapp group asking for a laptop for a needy – his request got fulfilled in no time when our member Rtn Ashwin Kukreja reverted back immediately to support

The laptop was handed over to a visually handicapped female from one of our associates with whom we keep doing a variety of projects.

Rtn Jhankar presents ‘Awadh’ to RC Bombay West

What Deonarities have experienced much earlier is now being showcased to Rotarians of other clubs.

Kannan’s cruising

Kannan’s have always been taking us on a journey and the same happened this time when the entire family went together on a Cordelia cruise journey and shared some of their moments with us

This time, they chose to travel Mumbai-Cochin-Lakshadweep

Here’s the message shared by President Rtn Vidhya Subramanian as we are now into the 4th month of the current Rotary Year:

I hope you have enjoyed the depth of work being done by a team of people. If you have enjoyed it – then you may like to do the following:

  • Share it with people who may like to associate with us
  • Share it with people who may like to contribute to our projects
  • Share it with people who genuinely need such an inspiration

With Rotary Cheers!

Rtn Vivek Khandelwal
Director – PR 2022-23
Rotary Club of Deonar
Website :

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