Rotary E-Club!

Contributed by Rtn. Anil Pandem, Rotary Club, Latur.

Can't attend the meeting this week?
Out of Town? 

Follow the instructions below to log on to the Rotary E-Club.

1. Click on any Rotary eclub Link given below.
2. Visit their website.
3. Register Online ( some eclub can allow you to enter without registration )
4. Participate in discussion forums on various Rotary subjects, by joining them for 30 min. you can make up your missing weekly meeting attendance.
5. Post your comments & share your views with our Rotarian friends world wide.

This is ONE Excellent way to learn more about Rotary & develop fellowship with our Rotarian friends all over the world.
Like the future of Rotary, this too is in your hand, er computer.


model eClubs- District Level
Rotary eClub of District 3310 - Singapore
Rotary eClub of District 3450 - Hong Kong
Rotary eClub of District 4500- Brazil
Rotary eClub of District 4530 - Brazil
Rotary eClub of District 5450 - Colorado (Rotary eClub One charter)
Rotary eClub of District 7150 - New York
Rotary eClub of District 7890 - Connecticut

model eClubs- Zonal Level
Rotary eClub of Latin America (Zone 21 - 4200)
Rotary eClub of London Centenary - London (Zone 18 - 1120)
Rotary eClub of Norway - Zone 16
Rotary eClub of Southwest USA- Arizona (Zone 25 - 5510)
Rotary eClub of Southeast USA and Caribbean - (Zone 34 - 6950
Rotary eClub of Taiwan - Taiwan - Taiwan (Zone 4 - 3500)
Rotary eClub of Verkko Rotary - Finland (Zone 15- 1420)
Rotary eClub of Zente-Hellenas - Greece (Zone10 - 2470)

You can learn more about the e-Clubs here:

RI Information on Make-ups at Rotary Clubs and eClubs 

Rtn. Anil Pande.
Rotary Club, Latur.

Many Thanks, Rtn Anil Pande